Marcellus Jobs – Adding Numbers to the Workforce

Marcellus Jobs – Adding Numbers to the Workforce

As the year 2012 begins (a major election year),  politicians are jostling for positions on the campaign trail. The issues apparent on everyone’s minds and agendas are the state of the economy, and, with that, the creation of new jobs. With the Marcellus Shale being considered as one of the world’s richest natural gas reserves, people are looking to the area to see just how important Marcellus Shale is and the impact it will have on the job market.

A recent federal report states that “The fastest 12 growing occupations in Pennsylvania are directly related to Marcellus Shale,” according the Sue Mukherjee, Director of Workforce Development for the Pennsylvania of Labor and Industry. Williamsport, Pennsylvania has recently been dubbed “Boomtown” due to its being the fastest growing economy in Pennsylvania and the 7th fastest metro-area nationwide. Steubenville, Ohio boasts more than 300 new jobs recently from investments in shale gas, with as many as 10,000 expected in the next three years. Former New York Governor George Pataki even penned an article supporting the job potential that Marcellus Shale could have for the State of New York, citing the recent Pennsylvania Labor and Industry reports as an example of the Marcellus Shale-related job market growth.

Marcellus Jobs is at the forefront of an industry that could have great potential to the American job market. Not only are new jobs being created, but old positions are opening as people leave their current jobs for Marcellus Shale positions. Finding the right opportunity and matching it to the right prospect is important, and Marcellus Jobs is working to help people in the field make the right connections. The opportunities are there, it is just a matter of finding the right people, one of the primary goals of Marcellus Jobs. It is important to stay current in both job trends and the current hiring market in order to find the right opportunity and the right candidate for the job. As the Marcellus Shale industry job market continues to grow, so will Marcellus Jobs. We look forward to working with both candidates and companies to help them utilize each others job strengths and services

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Shell recently announced that they will be building a $6 billion ethane cracker plant near Pittsburgh. This plant will boost employment, economic development, and commercial real estate, while encouraging more shale drilling throughout the region.


The upcoming construction of the new multi-billion dollar Shell ethane cracker plant in Beaver County, PA, means that there are unlimited opportunities for everyone who is involved in any aspect of regional business development. Marcellus Utica Connection is seeking strategic partners to launch marketing initiatives and connect the different industries that will most benefit during this time of unprecedented growth.